Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Felda Kahang Timur, Kluang

... about 535 km to and fro Kuala Lumpur, again on a solo ride through the occasional rain pouring southern national highway. A small rural plantation settlement totaling about 400 homes with Kahang Barat as neighbouring kampung. 20 km away is the Gunung Berlumut, locally famous for its waterfall.

There are two famous landmarks found here in Kluang
1. the Kluang prison and
2. the original Kluang Station Kopitiam.

This is also the 5th venue for Gempak Desa Astro held last Saturday the 29th Nov. 2008

As usual majority of the artistes are from the Akademi Fantasia fame, among them are Syawal, Akma, Noni, Edlin, Hazama, and non AF stars like Farish, Tam and Alam. Performing to a crowd of about 2000 locals, the weather was very kind indeed.

To preserve the working relationship with various parties I have been 'instructed' to remove an article I wrote in this blog which is deemed unsuitable for public consumption.

Well its the risks of doing 'live' shows.

Its the same risk of riding solo at high speed on Malaysian roads with darting monkeys, iguanas and even wild boars. - Ride Safe !


Agogo Trek said...

minta izin, i pinjam foto Shawal tuk di post ke blog agogo-trek.blogspsot.com. then i link kan ke ur blog k. Thank you so much!

dmystify said...

Salam Agogo Trek
Dengan 'credit mention' dan hyper-link ke blog ini, saya berterima kasih kerana menghormati hak milik.

You are most welcome.